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Barangay Records and Information Management System


The main purpose of this system is to provide an electronic storage of all related and official information of a resident in a Barangay and the Barangay itself.

It is proposed as well to serve as a main data source of a Barangay records and to offer a Barangay the most comprehensible, organize and convenient way of Record and Report Management – through easy and fast way of saving and retrieving records.


Barangay Records (record of all the barangay residence)

  • Resident File
    • Contact Information
    • Identification ID
    • Family Information
    • Educational Information
    • Job History
    • Barangay Records
    • Medical History
  • Vicinity Address (record of streets with in the barangay)
    • Residential Street
    • Commercial Street
  • Properties and Equipments (record of barangay properties and equipments)
  • Businesses (record of all businesses within the barangay)
  • Barangay Permits (record of business permit)
  • Barangay Incident (record of the barangay incident report or blotter)

Barangay Reports

  • Barangay Population (total population record of the barangay)
    • By Gender
    • By Age
    • By Religion
  • Number of Voters (total record of voters in the barangay)
  • Medical History (summary record of barangay residents medical history)
  • Property and Equipment Status
    • Number of properties and equipments
    • Acquired information
    • Assigned person or accountability
    • Type of property and equipment
  • List of all businesses within the barangay
    • Active and Inactive
    • Business permit monitoring
  • Records of all barangay incidents
    • Type of incident
    • Involved personalities
    • Assigned officers



  • Organize and monitor barangay records the easiest way.
  • Reduced the time spent in storing and retrieving information.
  • Reduced paper works and eliminate redundancy of works and records.
  • Generate barangay census.
  • Record all the Barangay properties.
  • Monitor all business establishments in terms of business operations and permits.
  • Generate barangay certificate based on resident information stored in the system.
  • Manage and monitor all barangay incidents, assigned barangay officials and status of each incidents


  • Validate records and information of each barangays
    • Generate residents classes and status
    • Generate populations of each barangay
      • By Gender, Age, Religion, etc
    • Generate barangay medical history for proper designing of medical programs per barangay
  • Generate residences category and types
    • Open spaces
    • Vacant lot
    • Commercial Lot
    • etc
  • Generate list of barangay officials in each barangays
  • Generate list of properties and equipments of each barangays
  • Generate list of businesses that are operating in each barangays
  • Generate list of all incidents happens in barangay for validation purposes

    • Per Module

      • Resident Management Php 85,000.00 (default)
      • Property Management Php 55,000.00
      • General Information Php 45,000.00
      • Project Management Php 35,000.00
      • Event Management Php 35,000.00
      • Permit Management Php 55,000.00
      • Expenses Management Php 35,000.00
      • Revenue Management Php 35,000.00
      • Budget Management Php 45,000.00
      • Incident Management Php 55,000.00

      • Includes Computer and Printer
      • Complete Features (All modules)
    • *** Addition cost for outside metro manila installations and trainings

For presentation and demo request, please text or call : 0918-8436631


Screen Shots Samples :

Resident File Management System




Virtual Wallet System

This system is designed and developed to create a new way of payment solution that enable the member to accept payment transaction through internet. It can also serves as a payment processing for online vendors and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. It may also charge a fee for receiving money, less than to the amount received. The fees can be configured depend on the currency used, payment options, the country of the sender and the recipient, the amount sent and the recipient’s account type. This system is designed to be easily customized and configured, and can adopt to any API’s for exchange rate transactions and card system provider. This will provide businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online.



Registrations :

  • Member registration for the following:
    • Consumers
    • Affiliates
  • Registration approval via Admin tool use by the Customer Service to do the following:
    • Validate the online registration form and the requirements which uploaded by the use to verify their registrations.
      • Consumers and Affiliates just need to upload valid ID’s and some necessary documents for validation purposes
      • Once validated, the system will send email for instructions on how to login and start their transactions
    • Merchant has a different approach in registration, they need pass business documents and the compliant team will validate it to be able to be accredited.
      • Once a merchant is accredited, the CS will register the merchant and the merchant will received an email will instructions on how to login to the system and start their transactions.
    • All members will have a Debit Card issued by the system so they can use it to send, receive, withdraw funds.
      • Debit Card is a MasterCard type and available all over the world to purchase and withdraw in any ATM’s which is under MasterCard (with fees for both System Provider and the bank who issue the Debit Card).
      • Member can request via online to transfer their wallet fund to their Debit Card so they can withdraw it in any ATM’s under MasterCard or use their Debit Card to purchase to store (fund transfer from wallet to debit card will have a fees configure inside the system).

Wallet System:

  • Each members will have an e-wallet where their funds will be keep.
    • The wallet supports different currencies.
    • The members can keep any currencies and can convert their other currencies to another currencies to be able to pay anything based on the currencies that the receiver wish to.
  • Funding of wallets will be possible via wire transfer, bank deposit, prepaid card or credit card.
  • Members can use it to transfer funds to another members or pay the merchants.

Online Payments:

  • Inside the system.
    • Members can send payments to the merchants using the fund transfer module.
    • They can setup a recurring transactions by monthly or semi-monthly.
  • Outside the system.
    • Merchant will be given an API where they can put the Payment Checkout Form to their online stores or websites so that the consumers can select it as a payment gateway to pay the items.
    • If the consumers are members of the Online Wallet System, the Checkout form will show their current balance in their wallet and can use it to pay the merchants, but will also have an option to use their Credit Card to pay it.
    • If the consumers are not yet member of the Online Wallet system, they can use the Credit Card option so they can pay the merchant.
    • Payments to the merchant will credited to their wallet inside the system.


  • Consumers and Merchants can withdraw their funds in the following options:
    • Thru their Debit Cards so they can easily withdraw it in any ATM machines with MasterCard or use it to purchase in any store which accepts MasterCard.
    • Thru wire transfer to their bank which they register inside the system
    • Thru their local bank via deposit or bank transfer.
  • All the transactions are subject for a fee depends on the options they have selected.

Prepaid Card Loading:

  • The system has an option to fund their wallet using a prepaid card in different value of points.
  • Members can buy the prepaid card with a certain points and load it to the system.
  • Points are convertible to amount so from points, they can convert it to USD and funded their wallet.
  • Points is use for consumers and affiliates.
    • Affiliates will help to get consumers and merchants to be a member of the Online Wallet System, a marketing scheme for Online Wallet system.
    • Affiliates will earn points every time they referred consumers or merchants.
    • Consumers will earn points in every transactions (optional), this is also a marketing scheme to use the Payment Gateway.

Transaction History:

  • All members will have a facility where they can monitor and check their transactions.
  • All kinds of transactions will be logged for reporting purposes.

Admin Facility:

  • Manage and monitor members inside the system.
  • Manage and monitor all the transactions.
  • Manage the fees for each transactions.
    • Each members will have a levels and the levels will determine how much the fees will be charge for using the system.
    • All fees will depend on the transaction types such as:
      • Fund Transfer Fees
      • Debit Card Fees
      • Payment Checkout Fees
      • Deposit Fees
      • Withdrawal Fees
      • and others
    • Manage the transaction limits.
      • Each members will have a levels and the levels will determine the transaction limits for each transactions such as:
        • Limiting fund transfer transactions per day, week or months
        • Limiting withdrawal per day, week or months
        • and others
      • Manage the email templates which the system use to send notifications to the members.
      • Manage the Exchange Rate Fees.
        • This will determine how much is the fees per currency conversions.
        • The system use exchange-rate API from Europe and Canadian bank.
          • There is a monthly fee for using this API and the fees are depends on how many request per months, but this one will be covered by the fees configured inside the system
        • Manage the incentive points system for earning points.
        • Manage the module access rights even on the membership side.
        • Manage Customer Support Users and Rights.


The above mentioned features are currently available in the base system. should you have any additional features and functionalities, the system is designed to be able to easily add and customize modules and functionalities.

For presentation and demo request, please text or call : 0918-8436631



Screen Shots Samples :

MyKlinika – Online Clinic Management System

MyKlinika is a customized clinic management system use to organize, manage and monitor patients record as well as medicines and medical supplies inventory of a clinic. This is a cloud-based application where you can manage and monitor as many clinic as you can by defining groups per site or clinic. This is designed for mobile doctors who manages multiple clinics in different locations.


  • Patient Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Medicine Management and Inventory
  • Clinic Supply Management and Inventory
  • POS
  • HMO Billings and Tracking
  • Patient Login (Optional)
    • Queue for an Appointment
    • View visit history
  • Reports
    • Sales
    • Income




  • Each type of users will have specific access rights
    • Doctor
      • Access to patient records, histories and be able to enter checkup form details, diagnosis, problems, prescriptions and other checkup related information
    • Secretary
      • Access to queue patients, process payments and manage POS
    • Patients (Limited Access)
      • Access to their appointment history
      • Be able to queue themselves for an appointment



  • Patient Demographics
    • Name, Address, Birthdate,  Contacts
  • Medical History
  • Checkup History
    • Problems
    • Diagnosis
    • Prescriptions
    • Procedures
  • Attachments
    • Pictures such as before and after and progresses
    • Videos
    • External Document Records



  • Patient queuing
    • Date/Time Queued
    • Patient Name
    • Appointment Type
    • Problem
  • Currently Attending
    • List of patient that is currently attending by the doctor
  • Attended
    • List of patient that has been attended and checked-out
    • Payment information
    • HMO Information (if needed)



  • Manage Medicine Inventory and Sales
    • Can be able to manage multiple clinics inventory
  • Tracking of In and Out of Medicine
  • View available stock-on-hand per clinics


For presentation and demo request, please text or call : 0918-8436631

Commercial and Advertising Photography Services

Making waves in the Metro Manila photography scene today is maverick lensman Mapoo Magracia, a promising talent who has been his mark in the field, both locally and internationally.

Mapoo sought out the best in his chosen field as mentors, including noteworthy celebrity and fashion photographer Raymund Isaac and Ibarra Deri, a master of product photography.  As a result, he is armed with an extensive portfolio wrought from years of painstaking work and attention to detail in various subject matters and treatments – Magracia’s credits include advertising and marketing campaigns on various levels, food, travel, lifestyle, interior and exterior photography.

Originally from the world of Information Technology, Mapoo spent years as a sought-after consultant for system development, cyber security and computer forensic analysis and he brings the same level of zeal, confidence and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to his work as a photographer.

His affable manner puts even the most skittish and finicky of models at ease, which is the reverse of how he applies himself – with a relentless and merciless dedication, as he pursues perfection in his craft in order to get the best results for his clients.  His creativity and ingenuity are especially pronounced in situations of limited resources, where he can coax exemplary pictures from especially trying circumstances utilizing whatever is at hand in order to bring out the best from a shoot.

Whether in the controlled environment of the studio or the chaotic unpredictability of on-location shoots and fieldwork, Mapoo is the consummate professional, rendering timely and skillful photos for even the most discerning of clients.


Words by : Chris Cruz


BTS From Some Of His Shoots :

Clothing Line Campaign

Shooting one of the versatile singer/actress for album cover

Shooting for Sante Barley

In action for commercial and adertisement shoot

Shooting a “photographer” is one of the hardest and difficult assignment that a photographer will do, what more if you are shooting one of the icons in Philippine Photography? You can’t imagine the nervous I felt that day hehe Raymund Isaac is a famous celebrity and fashion photographer in the Philippines. I learned a lot from him and will always be an apprentice of the one and only Raymund Isaac. Thank you Boss and Thank you StarStudio Magazine for this opportunity.