IT Consultant / Photographer

Commercial and Advertising Photography Services

Making waves in the Metro Manila photography scene today is maverick lensman Mapoo Magracia, a promising talent who has been his mark in the field, both locally and internationally.

Mapoo sought out the best in his chosen field as mentors, including noteworthy celebrity and fashion photographer Raymund Isaac and Ibarra Deri, a master of product photography.  As a result, he is armed with an extensive portfolio wrought from years of painstaking work and attention to detail in various subject matters and treatments – Magracia’s credits include advertising and marketing campaigns on various levels, food, travel, lifestyle, interior and exterior photography.

Originally from the world of Information Technology, Mapoo spent years as a sought-after consultant for system development, cyber security and computer forensic analysis and he brings the same level of zeal, confidence and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to his work as a photographer.

His affable manner puts even the most skittish and finicky of models at ease, which is the reverse of how he applies himself – with a relentless and merciless dedication, as he pursues perfection in his craft in order to get the best results for his clients.  His creativity and ingenuity are especially pronounced in situations of limited resources, where he can coax exemplary pictures from especially trying circumstances utilizing whatever is at hand in order to bring out the best from a shoot.

Whether in the controlled environment of the studio or the chaotic unpredictability of on-location shoots and fieldwork, Mapoo is the consummate professional, rendering timely and skillful photos for even the most discerning of clients.


Words by : Chris Cruz


BTS From Some Of His Shoots :

Clothing Line Campaign

Shooting one of the versatile singer/actress for album cover

Shooting for Sante Barley

In action for commercial and adertisement shoot

Shooting a “photographer” is one of the hardest and difficult assignment that a photographer will do, what more if you are shooting one of the icons in Philippine Photography? You can’t imagine the nervous I felt that day hehe Raymund Isaac is a famous celebrity and fashion photographer in the Philippines. I learned a lot from him and will always be an apprentice of the one and only Raymund Isaac. Thank you Boss and Thank you StarStudio Magazine for this opportunity.