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Barangay Records and Information Management System


The main purpose of this system is to provide an electronic storage of all related and official information of a resident in a Barangay and the Barangay itself.

It is proposed as well to serve as a main data source of a Barangay records and to offer a Barangay the most comprehensible, organize and convenient way of Record and Report Management – through easy and fast way of saving and retrieving records.


Barangay Records (record of all the barangay residence)

  • Resident File
    • Contact Information
    • Identification ID
    • Family Information
    • Educational Information
    • Job History
    • Barangay Records
    • Medical History
  • Vicinity Address (record of streets with in the barangay)
    • Residential Street
    • Commercial Street
  • Properties and Equipments (record of barangay properties and equipments)
  • Businesses (record of all businesses within the barangay)
  • Barangay Permits (record of business permit)
  • Barangay Incident (record of the barangay incident report or blotter)

Barangay Reports

  • Barangay Population (total population record of the barangay)
    • By Gender
    • By Age
    • By Religion
  • Number of Voters (total record of voters in the barangay)
  • Medical History (summary record of barangay residents medical history)
  • Property and Equipment Status
    • Number of properties and equipments
    • Acquired information
    • Assigned person or accountability
    • Type of property and equipment
  • List of all businesses within the barangay
    • Active and Inactive
    • Business permit monitoring
  • Records of all barangay incidents
    • Type of incident
    • Involved personalities
    • Assigned officers



  • Organize and monitor barangay records the easiest way.
  • Reduced the time spent in storing and retrieving information.
  • Reduced paper works and eliminate redundancy of works and records.
  • Generate barangay census.
  • Record all the Barangay properties.
  • Monitor all business establishments in terms of business operations and permits.
  • Generate barangay certificate based on resident information stored in the system.
  • Manage and monitor all barangay incidents, assigned barangay officials and status of each incidents


  • Validate records and information of each barangays
    • Generate residents classes and status
    • Generate populations of each barangay
      • By Gender, Age, Religion, etc
    • Generate barangay medical history for proper designing of medical programs per barangay
  • Generate residences category and types
    • Open spaces
    • Vacant lot
    • Commercial Lot
    • etc
  • Generate list of barangay officials in each barangays
  • Generate list of properties and equipments of each barangays
  • Generate list of businesses that are operating in each barangays
  • Generate list of all incidents happens in barangay for validation purposes

    • Per Module

      • Resident Management Php 85,000.00 (default)
      • Property Management Php 55,000.00
      • General Information Php 45,000.00
      • Project Management Php 35,000.00
      • Event Management Php 35,000.00
      • Permit Management Php 55,000.00
      • Expenses Management Php 35,000.00
      • Revenue Management Php 35,000.00
      • Budget Management Php 45,000.00
      • Incident Management Php 55,000.00

      • Includes Computer and Printer
      • Complete Features (All modules)
    • *** Addition cost for outside metro manila installations and trainings

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Resident File Management System